Web 2.0 Tools

The web is different than it used to be. And it's changing as we speak! New tools for teachers are being created everyday.

This page attempts to capture some of the flavor of Web 2.0 tools, tips and tricks. Find blog stuff, video/photo stuff, RSS stuff and wiki stuff. The short list below gives you a quick taste. When you get your fill here, travel over to my Delicious page for more!


All teachers should be using this social bookmarking network
The Queen Mother of Blogging software
Net Vibes
A very cool RSS reader with great Web 2.0 features
Seven Things to Know About Creative Commons
This gives you some basic info about how you can safely use online resources
Transforms your browser into a great image & video search tool / browser


Some Basic Stuff
List of Web 2.0 tools
Handy list just for teachers
Web 2.0 tools & apps
An ever-growing list
Web 2.0 Awards
174 sites in 41 categories
The Best Web Awards
100 top Web 2.0 apps chosen by Internet users
What Works Best in Schools Web 2.0 list
Created by the McREL people
Best Embeds for Educational Blogs
A handy list of tools to embed on your own site
100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner
Some great tools that you can use to differentiate instruction
AUP Policies for Web 2.0
Documents that provide support for updating older AUPs
School AUP 2.0
David Warlick's site for updating AUPs
Blogs & Blogging: A Homerun for Teaching, Learning and Technology
Step by step instructions to making an educational blog with of lots of examples
Blogs in Plain English
Nice video clip
Blog WebQuest for Teachers
A cool tool that helps teachers understand, create and use blogs!
Education Podcasting Network
A whole range of podcast stuff helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with
Educational Uses of Blogs and Wikis
Articles and resources for teachers
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Gives a basic roadmap to the legal issues you may confront as a blogger
Teaching Tips: Using Online Journals and Blogs
Articles that outline how teachers can use blogs

Weblogging to Success
Read about how students blossom as writers

Podcasting / Audio

A community music site featuring remixes licensed under
Creative Commons
How to Find Podsafe Music
A huge site with lots of resources for legal, podcast friendly music

Record, share & download audio

Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution
Podcasting in Education
Apple's tutorial page
Pocasting in Education
Same name, different resources

Web-based tools that let anyone find, create and listen to podcasts

Photos / Video

Fun video creation tool using still photos

Free service that stores & uploads photos directly to your site


Easily find Creative Commons Flickr images
Multimedia Resources for Educators
Resources educators can use in multimedia presentations
Provides free storage and free bandwidth for your videos, audio files, photos, text or software
Google's entry into photo management
Sweet online photo editing tool
A very cool web-based presentation tool!
Photobucket is reliable, fast and very simple to use
Useful site for posting, sharing & finding presentaions
A nice photo / audio creation tool
Another online photo hosting site that supports blogging

Blog Tools & Software
One of the first blogging platforms

This tool is designed with teachers and students in mind
Provides free blogs and hosting for educators
ePals SchoolBlog 
Safely incorporate classroom blogs
Gaggle Blogs
Same people who run gaggle.net email services for educators

Designed to ease maintenance of regularly updated sites
Support Blogging
Best Practices and resources to help teachers use blogs effectively
"gives users the richest set of features to immediately share and publish information on the Web"
Based on the the open-source Wordpress software, this site offers free online blog publishing



Create simple web pages that groups, friends, and families can edit together
Wikis: Ready or Not
A free, easy to use tool
Same thing, different company
A search tool that organizes Wikipedia articles visually

RSS & RSS Readers


The name says it all
Create, subscribe anews feeds and blogs

Google Reader
Reader automatically gets the latest news and updates for your favorite sites
My Yahoo!
I think this one is the easiest
A Macintosh RSS tool
RSS in Plain English
Another great video from CommonCraft
Social Bookmarking Explained (pdf)
Tag - You're Delicious!
Article by Andy Carvin explaining the tagging process

Social Networks
Your life in 140 characters
Twitter but better
Create your own social network
Classroom 2.0
An example of a Ning network for educators
100 Tips Apps and Resources for Educators on Twitter
Useful tips for integrating Twitter into your instruction
History Engine
Educational tool that gives students the opportunity to learn history by doing the work of a historian
A neat site that lets users create history with maps, stories, sites and images
Social Networks in Education
Networks used in educational environments or for educational purposes