US & World History Resources

This list is not intended to be a comphrensive list but should at least give you a sense of what's out there. You can find even more links at my Diigo page

History Matters
Designed for high school and college teachers and students, the site serves as a gateway to useful materials for teaching U.S. history
Valley of the Shadow Project
A digital archive of primary sources that document the lives of people in Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania, during the era of the American Civil War
A collection of primary sources, documentary material, personal histories, online books and reviews
New Deal Network
A research and teaching resource devoted to the public works and arts projects of the New Deal
Winged Sandals
Studying Greek mythology? Try out this very interactive site. Neat animations with games and activities


US History

All About the Oregon Trail
Supplementary stuff to the PBS special

Africans in America
American History to 1865
Extensive list of bios & events
Behind the Stonewall
Hosts a collection of 105 amazing Civil War battlefield panoramic images
Civil War Links
Civil War Maps Collection
Civil War Homepage
A site with a huge list of Civil War links
Colonial Williamsburg Online: Mapping Colonial America
Looks at maps relating to colonial period & features a zooming tool, a glossary of terms, and a timeline of major events in history
Famous Trials
An incredible collection of info and resources of trials throughout history
Gold History!
Neat page by the Oakland Museum of California
Index of Native American Resources on the Web
Lots of good stuff here
Slave Voices from the Duke University Special Collections Library
Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth Colony Archive
Presents a collection of fully searchable texts, including town plans, maps, and fort plans
A History of US (Joy Hakim at PBS)
American History from 1865
Nice stuff here / Bios, events, place, you name it
Great American Potluck
Reader submitted recipes from around the country representing a variety of ethnic groups
American Family Immigration History Center
The Gulf War
Created by the Library of Congress, a interactive site that provides an introduction to the study of immigration to the United States
Immigration: Stories of Yesterday & Today
From Slavery to Civil Rights: A Timeline of African-American History
An interactive site from the Library of Congress
Rise & Fall of Jim Crow
Surviving the Dust Bowl
A PBS page that provides lesson plans and documents concerning the "Dirty 30s"
The Age of Imperialism
The pivotal era in the history of our nation is the subject of this on-line history
Teaching Civil Rights
Seven thought-provoking lesson plans on the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery Voting Rights March
Veterans History Project
The Library of Congress collects and preserves the extraordinary wartime stories of ordinary people
Vietnam War Links
Vietnam Yesterday and Today
World War I Document Archive
World War I Posters
World War II: Propaganda Posters
Glenn's propaganda sites at Delicious

World History

Castles on the Web
Organizes the many castle related sites
Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Kidipede: History for Kids
A nice site with tons of resources / mostly ancient world
Huge amount of medieval resources
Medieval Home Pages
Medieval Sourcebook
Mesopotamia Teacher Resource Page
Created by the University of Chicago, has resources and lesson plans in 11 different categories
Theban Mapping Project
Very cool page with Flash maps of Egyptian tombs, articles, pictures, and resources
The Internet's Leading Ancient History Community
Virtual Roma
Resources for teaching Latin and ancient Roman culture
Wonders of the African World
World History Compass Home Page
Bridging World History
Organized into 26 thematic units along a chronological thread. Materials include videos, an audio glossary
and a thematically-organized
Global Gateway
Links to documents, multi-media, multicultural exhibitions
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Internet Resources for World History
Kathy Schrock's Guide to World History
Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation
Modern World History
People's Century
The Holocaust: A Guide for Teachers
complete instructional guide
World History
Interactive Maps, Timelines, Videos, Geocoded Photos, Museum Artifacts, and your Ancestors are just a few things you can do and discover on, the new social history experience

World History for Us All
A comprehensive model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools with plans & activities
World War I - Trenches on the Web