Social Studies Standards Series: Geography

During this workshop, participants will experience engaging hands-on lessons that address the standards including Google Earth, IQ Traveler and Material World. Participants will leave with access to resources to support teaching and learning of both tested and non-tested state indicators in geography.


Presentation Handout



Workshop Resources

Glenn's Delicious geocaching links
GIS ArcLessons

Traveler IQ Home
Traveler IQ 5th Grade Locations (Facebook version)
Traveler IQ 5th Grade Locations

Traveler IQ Middle School Locations
Google Pages version)

Exodusters: A New Beginning for Former Slaves
The Trail on Which They Wept
Little House in the Census

U.S. Geological Survey
Social Explorer
National Historical Geographic Information System
Historical Census Browser

National Archives
Library of Congress
My Wonderful World
Best of History Web Sites
United States Geological Survey for Educators
Xpeditions - National Geographic
Global Gateway
World Atlas


Google Earth
Google Earth Hacks
Google Earth Community
Google Earth Resources for Geography Teachers
More Google Earth resources at Social Studies Central

Google Maps
Google Maps Tour & Tutorial
Another Google Maps tutorial

What is a Region?
US Regions
Introduction to Longitude & Latitude
Pictures of Places
Picture History
Public Domain Photos
Printable Maps
Maps That Teach
Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms

Social Studies Central geography resources
Glenn's Delicious geography resources

Pyramid Challenge
Stop Disasters

Where the Hell is Matt?